Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing: Reviewing Amy’s summary

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Amy’s summary was quick, and to the point. It also described the main idea of the original article clearly in one paragraph. I wrote more than a paragraph and went into more detail about the six reasons why Cipher thinks compulsory education is unnecessary. She definitely peaks my interest in the main article by referencing the six reasons without going into detail. I want to know more, but I will have to read the main article in order to find out. That is precisely what I believe the summary to an article should do.


Summarizing, Paraphrasing, Quoting: So That Nobody Has To Go to School If They Don’t Want To

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Roger Sipher holds the argument that the academic environment is only fit for those who are willing to harness it. The presence of¬†compulsory¬†attendance laws force people who do not desire an education to undergo trials of futility while tarnishing the school experience as a whole for those who want more from their learning experiences. This is on account of the antagonistic behaviors of those who do not wish to attend. Sipher’s solution is to expel any student who underperforms.

He provides a series of points that led him to this conclusion. One important point he made was that abolishing compulsory education laws will not drastically lower the number of students enrolled because, “William Landes and Lewis Solomon, economists, found little evidence that mandatory-attendance laws increased the number of children in school.” Based on the economists research, Sipher claims the count for student enrollment will not diminish to a high degree.

The bullets in Cipher’s essay were six arguments against compulsory education. Among them were the following. First students would be more motivated to take education seriously instead of skate by on poor performance, only to be pushed onto the next grade level. Second, the classrooms will be filled with like minded individuals who encourage academic thinking and absent of backward thinking students, increasing the productivity of all those participating. Third, the grades a student receives will be more legitimately based on performance and nothing else.

My Relationship With Writing

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I have had a pretty intimate relationship with writing. I have been carrying a journal with me for a few years now and it is one of my great mediums through which I flow with no hesitations, regrets or hold backs. People have friends because they need to release their worries and doubts and listen to another voice speak from another perspective. I have a journal because sometimes I only want to reflect. I want to be artistic without hearing whether or not I have talent. I love writing. I remember reading some of my mom’s journals and just being absolutely amazed by the art that flows on the pages. It will always be a deep part of me. It is in my blood.
So far I have been getting a lot out of this class. I basically want to continue to hone my writing skills with the feedback of my instructor. I want to let loose and see what I can chisel to perfection.